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WAIT what if hans actually loved anna but bc his dad/brothers/duke of weaseltown was pressuring him to take over Arendelle, he had to make the toughest decision of his life whether to save Anna with true love’s kiss or let her be saved by her sister and risk Anna dying and even though he appears calm on the outside he made the tough decision to follow through with the conquest plans for whatever reason (eg. the duke would harm anna), which would explain why he didn’t kiss Annabecause if he actually did, it would actually work

and this would explain why Hans kept avoiding eye contact with Anna while explaining to her why he didn’t kiss her

 because he was in so much turmoil, forced to make a decision whether to save the life of the love of his life (whom he unexpectedly fell in love with) or to give up on his plans for conquest to prove his worth since he was always considered the runt of his family

idk what im doing my blog is not supposed to have personal text posts